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Reliability, efficiency and punctuality in their transfers

Terms and Conditions

The following conditions apply to bookings made on this web site. Please take a moment to read them before making a reservation.


-The Company, 10 TRANSFERS SCP, is a society which operates under the Spanish legislation in force and is registered in the Commercial Register with the NIF J55247605.

-Client, means the person who pays for the booking.

-Passengers, means all the people named or not named in the booking.

-Reservation holder, means the first passenger named in the reservation.

-You or your, refers to the client, including all passengers (or anyone of them depending on the case in question) named in the reservation.

-The Transport Operator means the supplier of professional transport services who will carry out our transfer.

-Booking, means a reservation of transport services made with us. .

-Transport Service, means any service provided by ourselves in order to transport passengers by road, including any other service offered by ourselves in relation to or as a result of that transfer.

-Transfer Voucher, means the written confirmation of the reservation which we will send you by email.

-Contract, refers to the booking, to these conditions, and any other conditions aplicable to the reservation

-Conditions, refers to these general conditions. .

-Web site, refers to www.10transfers.com.


We offer an intermediary management service for the private transportation of passengers by road. We operate under the trade name 10TRANSFERS SCP, which is our exclusive property. For commercial purposes we can be contacted on these telephone numbers (+34)646.039.355 – (+34) 617 199 133, and we operate through the web page www.10transfers.com and the email address info@10transfers.com. To carry out our services we work with transport operators who offer professional transport services for the carriage of passengers and who are in possession of all the licences and permits required for the realization of this activity according to the legislation applicable to each of them.

The transport service will in no case be considered as a touristic Package under the terms established by the Council Directive 90/314/EEC, of 13th June 1990, nor under the terms of the Royal Decree 1/2007, of 16th November, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, as well as other complementary laws, and therefore the Company will under no circumstances act as a Travel Agency.

Before confirming a request for a service on our website, please ensure that you have read and understood these conditions, which will govern any subsequent contract. By making a booking, you confirm that you have read these Condtions and that you possess the legal capacity to accept them in your own name and that of all the passengers. Should you have any doubts regarding any of the contractual conditions, please contact our Customer Service department before continuing with the booking process. Should you not wish to be subjected to the obligations deriving from these conditions, we regret that you will be unable to book with us.


The person who makes the reservation must be at least 18 years of age and is responsible for all the steps involved in the online reservation System, ensuring that the details provided are correct and making the payment in full. Once the contract with 10 TRANSFERS SCP has been finalized, the Company will take the necessary steps to organize the services requested. The contract will be binding for both parties only when you have received the Transfer Voucher by email. In the event of the Operator being unable to provide the services requested, the Client will be informed and the total cost will be refunded using the same method of payment employed at the time of booking. The Company will thereafter be free of any further obligation towards the Client. The Client must confirm receipt of any notification sent by the Company. In the event of failure to receive confirmation from the Client, the information stored by our mail server will be considered sufficient proof of receipt.

Our message of confirmation of receipts and payment carried out by the Client will not be considered as proof of a binding contract. You must print and have at hand your proof of booking in order to present them to the Transport Operator to be checked by the Driver. If the Client fails to produce proof of purchase, it is possible that the Transport Operator will refuse to provide the service. We recommend that you print and take with you all correspondence maintained with our Company as well as the Transfer Voucher. It is expressly prohibited for minors to request services from the Company. Parents or legal guardians should contact us immediately in the case of a minor having made a reservation with us in order to cancel the transaction. Passengers under the age of 18 must always be accompanied by an adult or carry an appropriate document of consent.


We accept all the most widespread forms of payment such as credit cards (Visa, Mastercard/ International Money, American Express), debit cards (Visa/Delta, Visa/Electron) or bank transfers. The charge will be carried out in Euros and the terms of conversion are offered only as an informative guide.


The information contained in the Transfer Voucher includes the destination booked, the pick-up point and the address of your accommodation. Any alterations which affect these or other details should be communicated by email to info@10transfers.com, and will only be enforced after verification with the Transport Operator and confirmation by email to the Client.

Una vez que el contrato se haya formalizado, el cliente deberá notificar a nuestro servicio de Atención al Cliente cualquier error detectado con un mínimo de 48 horas de antelación respecto del servicio de transporte correspondiente. Las notificaciones recibidas con menos de 48 horas de antelación respecto del servicio de transporte darán derecho a la empresa a cancelar el contrato sin penalización alguna.


Any cancellation of the Contract should be carried out by email addressed to our Customer Services Department. You can cancel either individual transport services or a whole booking which includes more than one service.

If the cancellation is received more 48 hours prior to the pick-up time of the Transport Service you wish to cancel, the cost of the transfer will be refunded minus the cost of bank transactions. No amount will be reimbursed in the case of cancellations received less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of the transport service you wish to cancel. In this case we will send you an email confirming the cancellation in order that you may claim the relevant amount from your Tour Operator, Airline or Insurance Company.


Depending on the route and the time of year, our open sales period varies between 0 and 48 hours prior to the start of the transfer service. If the website suggests, telephone our Customer Services Department or send us an email so that we can verify the availability of the type of transfer you require. Please bear in mind that our Cancellation Policy will apply regardless of the date and time of booking.


If the Transport Operator is forced to make any major changes to the conditions of the service, or cancel the service, we will inform you as soon as possible.

We will do everything within our power to respect your preferences with regard to the type of vehicle requested. However, in some cases it may be necessary to assign an alternative vehicle for reasons of availability or safety.

In exceptional circumstances we may be forced to cancel your booking. The total cost of your booking will be refunded and this refund will cover all obligations towards the client arising from the said cancellation. In such cases we will take the necessary steps to find a viable alternative to any confirmed booking which we are obliged to cancel.


The local and national legislation can vary depending on the country in which the transfer is carried out. Nevertheless, our Transport Operators comply with current legislation. If you reserve a private transfer we recommend, for safety reasons, that you use a booster seat or car seat for passengers under 12 years of age less than 135cm in height. During the booking process you will have the option of reserving car seats or booster seats for the majority of destinations. It is the responsibility of the Reservation Holder to ensure that the retention system is compatible with the vehicle and that it is correctly installed. The Company will not be held responsible for any incident arising from misuse or improper installation of the retention system.

If you wish to travel with your own car seat or booster seat and you have reserved a private transfer, you should inform us before embarking on your journey. We will need to ensure that the vehicle to be used by the Transport Operator is compatible with the car seat or booster seat. In most cases for group transport services minibuses or coaches are used, and in these vehicles it is not possible to use child seats.


All children and babies, regardless of age, will be taken into account in order to determine the capacity of the vehicle to be used and should therefore be included in the total number of passengers at the time of booking.


Transfer services for people with reduced mobility should be requested through our Customer Services Department. We will do all we can to fulfil your request, despite the fact that we do not specialize in the transportion of passengers with reduced mobility. Passengers with reduced mobility must be able to access the vehicle independently or with the assistance of a fellow passenger. We can only accept foldable wheelchairs. We regret that we are unable to guarantee the type of vehicle to be used for your transfer.


During the booking process you will have the opportunity to book an extra stop if you have to collect or return keys or if some members of your group are staying at different accommodation. The address of the extra stop must be situated in the same resort as the first stop. The maximum duration of this extra stop is 5 minutes


During the booking process you will have the opportunity to book extra time for your service, in order to go shopping or sightseeing for example. You can book this through our Customer Services Department.


We recommend that you contract a travel insurance suitable for your needs. Please read the contract carefully and print the documentation to take with you when you travel. An appropriate travel insurance will protect you in case of a series of risks which are beyond our control.


In the event of failure to comply with these conditions we will be responsible only for damage or injury resulting from failure to fulfil our obligations or attributable to negligence on our part, and up to the maximum extent of the amount paid by the Client. We are not responsible for damage or injury which cannot be directly attributed to us or for that caused by accident, circumstances beyond our control, or by legal or administrative requirements. .

We will not be held responsible for incidents occurring during the service, specifically illness, personal injury or death, unless caused as a direct consequence of negligence on our part.

This means that, in accordance with these conditions, we can accept responsibility if, for example, the passenger dies or suffers personal injury either if the transfer is not carried out in accordance with the booking, or if the transfer is carried out inadequately as a result of our incompetence or the inability of our employees or that of our transport operators to provide the transport service you booked using reasonable knowledge and professionalism. Bear in mind that it is the Client’s responsibility to demonstrate this lack of knowledge and professionalism if he wishes to make a claim against the Company.

Moreover, we shall only be responsible for the actions of our employees or transport operators during their working hours (employees) or whilst carrying out a service we have requested (transport operators). No clause of these Conditions limits or excludes:

-Our responsibility towards you in case of death or personal injury arising from our negligence..

-Any other rights to which you are entitled as a consumer and user of services and which cannot be exluded or limited by law. .

We are exempt from all responsibility in the event of the Client contracting the service directly with the transport operator. We cannot guarantee the one hundred percent accuracy of this website. The possibility of the page being affected by a computer virus cannot be discounted. Nevertheless, we will do our best to rectify any error which we should be informed about as quickly as possible. If, due to such an error, a booking is made with an erroneous price or with the wrong promotion, we reserve the right to terminate the contract without obligation to compensate the customer.


We cannot be considered responsible in the event that the fulfilment of our obligations or those of our transport operator should be prevented or directly affected by an occurrence of force majeure or any other circumstances beyond our control, including, among others, extreme meteorogical conditions, natural disasters, terrorism, accidents to third parties on the transfer route, police controls, unusually heavy traffic congestion or strikes.


Any communication relating to possible changes of booking details should be made by email, info@10transfers.com.

In case of unavoidable alterations to the contract we will inform you by email sent to the address provided you at time of booking. The sending of this email will be considered proof of receipt on behalf of the Client. The same condition is valid for any other informative email we may send you. For this reason it is of the utmost importance that you ensure that the email address provided is correct and to check your inbox regularly until the start of your transfer service. In case of delay to your arrival flight, the transport operator wll reprogramme the transport service and you will be collected at the new arrival time.

If, for any other reason, you do not present yourself at the pick-up point within 60 minutes of the time scheduled time on your Transfer Voucher the transport operator or our Customer Service Department will try to contact you using the mobile telephone number provided. If this communication should not be possible because you did not provide a valid number at the time of booking, because you do not have cover, because your voicemail is activated, or because you fail to answer the call, the service will not be provided. The transport operator will be freed from any obligation to provide the service and no remittance will be refunded.


We offer a range of services agreed with the transport operators. These are private transport services.

We cannot guarantee the exact itinerary to the selected destination. We make a maximum effort to ensure that pick-up times are scrupulously respected but we cannot guarantee them.

If you do not locate the driver for your private transfer or do not find the representative of the shuttle operator on your arrival at the airport, it is your responsibility to contact us using the telephone numbers which appear on your Transfer Voucher. If you do not call us on these numbers and opt for an alternative transfer, the service will not be provided, the transport operator will be freed from their obligation to provide this service and no cost will be refunded. For pick-up points other than airports we should receive your call within ten minutes of your scheduled collection time. An external supplier of telephone services registers and stores a list of all calls received on our Customer services numbers. This list will be used as evidence in case of discrepancy about whether or not calls were made to our contact numbers. Unused transfers are not refundable and the cost of alternative transport will be refunded only when pre-authorized by a member of our team. If you are authorized to use alternative transport be sure to obtain a receipt and send it to our Quality Control Department for revision. Expenses related to claims not accompanied by a valid receipt will not be refunded. You are responsible for checking the scheduled pick-up time and ensuring that the resulting arrival time at the departure terminal is at least 10 minutes before the opening (not closure) of the check-in desk and in no case less than two hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight.

The transport operator will collect you and drop you off as close as possible to the addresses provided. If access via a normal route is closed for meteorogical reasons, traffic accidents etc, the transport operator will, on the Client’s express request, take an alternative route to get you to the agreed destination; these cases may generate additional costs for the Client. All services are covered by the Civil Responsibility Policy of the Company, the Transport Operator or the entity subcontracted by them.


The vehicles used for private transfers have a capacity for at least one piece of hold luggage per person. You will inform us of the amount of luggage to be carried at the time of booking. It is not necessary to declare small pieces of luggage which can be transported at the passengers’ feet, such as cameras, bags or small rucksacks. The passenger will be responsible for any cost incurred in case of needing extra vehicles to transport undeclared luggage.

Your acceptance of the contract and the general conditions will be considered a tacit agreement not to include in your luggage or in your personal belongings any objects contravening the legislation of the country in which the service is provided (weapons etc) or which could be dangerous for third parties; animals (unless previously agreed and transported in a suitable carrier. Guide dogs are generally accepted), or objects excessive in size, weight, condition or fragility. The transport of luggage and personal belongings is at the passenger’s own risk and in no case will we be responsible for possible loss or damage. The risk of loss or damage should be covered by the contracting of a suitable insurance on the part of the client before the start of the journey.


By formalizing this contract you implicitly declare that: you are over 18 years of age with full control of your mental faculties, and are therefore qualified to accept the legal responsabilities arising from this agreement. You are aware of the extent of the responsibilities of this contract, of the information relating to the Company and of the content of these Conditions. Furthermore, you declare that the credit or debit cards you employ are in your name and that you are in possession of sufficient funds to cover the cost of the service. You understand that you should notify us at the earliest possible opportunity of any change in the information given at the time of booking.

The services will be provided according to the information specified on the Transfer Voucher sent to you by email. It is your responsibility to provide complete and accurate addresses for the pick-up and drop-off points at the time of booking. It is also your responsibility to print and revise the accuracy of of the Transfer Voucher. If the details on the Voucher are incorrect you should contact our Customer Service Team immediately to rectify them. During the booking be careful to complete all the obligatory sections marked with an asterisk (*). We will not take responsibility for bookings which are impossible to fulfil and no refunds will be given for such bookings.

You alone are responsible for carrying the necessary documentation for crossing borders. We do not accept any responsibility and we refuse to incur any additional costs caused by failure to carry these documents or failure to comply with customs, police, tax or administrative regulations of the country you wish to enter. The Transfer Voucher is not a valid document for the acquisition of an entry visa. In the case of the Company being obliged to pay a deposit or a fine to the authorities of other countries as a result of the Client’s failure to comply with the laws, regulations or requirements of the countries he wishes to enter, leave, or cross, the Client will assume full responsibility for reimbursing the Company.

We reserve the right to retain any amount paid to us until the client proves that he has repaid the amount corresponding to the above-mentioned fines, charges, etc.

We reserve the right and by accepting these conditions you authorize us to make charges to your credit or debit card for damage caused to the vehicle (including, for example, a thorough cleaning) or for any objects which may have disappeared from the vehicle. We reserve the right to refuse further bookings from a client who has caused a serious disturbance or repeatedly caused serious incidents .


By formalizing this contract, you tacitly concede to the company the right to refuse the service to any passenger who, according to the criteria of the Driver, is under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs and those whose behaviour could be considered a danger to the Driver of the vehicle, to third parties or to themselves.

The consumption of food and alcoholic beverages is not permitted inside the Company’s vehicles. This prohibition also applies to narcotic drugs. Smoking is prohibited inside and in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle.


If the service you receive from the transport operator does not fulfil your expectations, you should contact the Customer Services Department immediately and if possible at the time of the incident, giving the details of the driver: name and surname(s), registration number of the vehicle. Complaints received once the transfer is completed may be rejected, since we will not have had the opportunity to intervene in any way. You will find our contact details on your Transfer Voucher.

Written complaints should be sent by email to info@10transfers.com and reach us no later than 8 days after your return.

If you wish to notify us of an incident related to your online booking or our Customer Service Department please address your complaint to the Management: info@10transfers.com.


Our web pages are available in various languages, and we will endeavour to add more in the near future. Our Customer Services Department and assistance via email are available in Catalan, Spanish and English at all times. Wherever possible we will try to assist you in the language in which you made your Booking. We pay special attention to the quality of the translation of our web sites and to these Conditions. However, in case of discrepancy the Spanish version is the one that will be considered valid.


The author’s rights, trade mark and other rights of intellectual property related to the content published on our web site are registered in the name of the company and are protected by the national and international legislation which regulates intellectual property. The use of the content of our web site by third parties for any purpose other than the eventual reservation of a transport service is prohibited. This prohibition includes the modification or subsequent publication as well as total or partial reproduction or representation of the said content without previous permission on the part of the Company. The illegal use of our web site for any purpose is totally prohibited.


These Conditions will be governed by the Spanish legislation in force. The contract agreed between yourself and the Company will be governed according to Spanish Law.


The Internet user who gains access to the web site www.10transfers.com does so anonymously and access is not registered by the Company. The user remains anonymous throughout the search for information on the web site and no personal details are registered at any moment. Without prejudice to the above points, the Company uses user IDs (cookies) in our web page to collect information about the use of the page, such as for example the server to which the user is connected, the type of search engine (Firefox, Internet Explorer etc) or how the potential client found out about 10 Transfers SCP. We use this information exlusively to improve our marketing shares and the personal details of the internet user are not included in any of the captured information.

In reply to a request for a quote for a transfer service on the part of a potential Client, we may request some personal details, such as email address and credit card number, in order to send communications or for the eventual realization of agreed charges. We may also use this information to inform the Client of offers which might be of interest. From the moment when a web site user becomes a Client, we will be able to use the details provided to inform him of future offers and promotions.

Through the act of closing a contract with us you tacitly authorize 10 Transfers SCP to use your personal details for the provision of the service requestec and to help us identify future services which may be of interest to you. These offers will be sent to you by email and may originate from the information you provided in your initial contact with us, from surveys, from information relating to shopping and lifestyle preferences, as well as from information available from authorized external sources such as transport operators or marketing companies. These offers are sent directly by us via email in a format compatible with the information recuperated from the clientÕs email (HTML, graphics, etc). The personal details captured are stored in files which are automatically protected by the Company. The Company may use this information for the general purpose of gaging the ClientÕs reaction and satisfaction with regard to the service provided.

In accordance with the law in force, you have access to the personal information contained in our files. Should you consider the information we hold about you to be inaccurate, contact us at info@10transfers.com. The Company will correct any errors immediately. Alternatively you may send us a written request for cancellation or write to us to exercise your right of opposition. Please bear in mind that other web pages which you access by internet may have different conditions of confidentiality to our own. We do not assume responsibility for any web page which is connected to or associated with our own. Any change in policy regarding the handling of personal details and confidentiality will be reflected immediately in these Conditions in order that the Client be correctly informed and to enable him to take the appropriate action.


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